I am a precise and fast yet in-depth composer from Germany, who composes and produces for over 16 years and to whome transparency, fairness, highest quality and an unique own tune is important. Interested in working with me? Nice! Contact datas are on the bottom of this page. (-;
I am no member of the german GEMA!
There is also Tagirijus Music! My music archive with a diverse selection of music genres. There is also free usable music availbale. Check it out and keep yourself up to date with my newsletter!

„The working with Manuel Senfft was uncomplicated, well coordinated and easy. The wanted sounds were created as wanted and in a good quality. The communication was always fast and his experience in this area was very helpful. I would absolutely recommend him, thanks!“
Dennis Klein, Gamedesigner
„With Manuel as the sound engineer in authority I always have a good feeling, I can always count on him - movie is (most of the time) teamwork. Besides is fine hearing he also has a sense for picture. The result: absolutely stress-free working, always neat sound.“
Sebastan Schollmeyer, DOP
„Manuel Senfft is a talented and versatile composer, who complements our music library with his compositions from different kinds of genres like the orchestral cinematic or pop music. He is communicative, reacts quickly to requests and he has a huge interest in placing his music accurately.“
Leopold Lamberz, AudioAhead
„I'm very happy to be able to work with Manuel, who is one of the few people I worked with (and I worked with soooo many), who are actually able to do the job on their own and on a professional level. And guess what, he meets the deadlines and actually seems he likes the job! :)“
Vojtech Meluzin, Meldaproduction
„Professionalism and creativity are 2 words that come in mind when thinking about Manuel Senfft and they are the reasons why since 2017 we are always asking for his availability when we are launching a new virtual Instrument. For a software developer, you have to ask for the best to test your product.“
Jason Morin, Amplesound
„Manuel Senfft delivers great work in sound design and as a composer as well. He sets value on a good communication and transparency.“
Hüseyin Albayrak, Filmmaker
„The creative collaboration with Manuel is a pure pleasure. He captures moods and situations of my texts empathically with his music. His works support unintrusively. He also knows how to put himself in the place of the kids and produces pieces with a high quality.“
Monika Diedrich, Author
„Manuel made sure that every request I had for him was fulfilled without hesitation. He was very willing to alter the project (...) to assure it's what the client wanted. He [was] professional, (...) friendly and passionate about his work. (...) I really appreciate his work, and hope to work with him again in the future.“
Aaron Dolgos, Filmmaker

Lionel Design 2016
best music
Cinejazz 2013
1st price
various 2013-2014

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