Means that you have to give proper credits to me, when using one of my CC music. Proper credits are "Manuel Senfft (", while my real name is mandatory here.


Means that you may use my CC music only if you do not make money with it. The whole project has to be a non-profit project all along and no money-flow may exist (Monetized YouTube videos have a commercial intention according to my interpretation). Otherwise you have to buy a licence (see below).


Means that you have to put your new work created with the use of my CC music under the same CC-BY-NC-SA licence, when something new created. Example: when you remix my music into a newer piece of music or even when using my music in any video.

Buy commercial licence

CC music

It is possible to buy a commercial licence of my CC music. Feel free to contact me via info (at) tagirijus (dot) de to get more information about buying a licence from me. Prices are:

40 € / 4 min* - rate for privates (income** < 10000 € / year)

70 € / 4 min* - rate for culture (income** < 100000 € / year)

110 € / 4 min* - rate for small companies (income** < 250000 € / year)

200 € / 4 min* - rate for big companies (income** > 250000 € / year)

* applies to one separate track - so 2x 1:00 min different tracks means 2x the rate
** income means all the income for this year - so basically from every job


There is also more production music of mine on AudioAhead to buy. Feel free to search for music there as well.

Proudmusic Library

Even more music of mine is on Proudmusic Library to buy. Feel free to search for music there as well.